Church Sao Joao Batista


How to get there?

All major brazilian cities have conexion flights with TAM, BRA or GOL to Porto Seguro. There are also occasional charter flights from Europe (e.g. from Amsterdam) directly to Porto Seguro.
Landed in Porto you go on to Trancoso either by the more comfortable cab/taxi or by bus.
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The cab/taxi from the airport to Trancoso is about 160 Reais.

If you do not want to spend about 80 US-$ on an 1 hour cab ride, you can take the bus. To take the bus you have to head towards Arraial D'Ajuda. You take a cab to the balsa (ferry boat between Porto and Arraial) for about 20 Real and cross the river . The bus to Trancoso departs from the other bank. Ferry and Bus together cost 9 reais.

Travelling inside brazil by bus, you can take the bus connexion from Éunapolis-Bahia to Trancoso.

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You´ll find the holiday house in the very center of Trancoso behind the Atelier&Shop Vivas Cores next to the bus stop "Quadrado".

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