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What to do in Trancoso

In Trancoso many different possibilities are at your disposal!

Praia do Espelho

The main attractions naturally are the never ending, marvellous white sand beaches. Whether you prefer sunbathing alone and unimpaired in the warm sun or
mix among the people with a cool Caipirinha in one
of the beach bars, is left completely up to you.

Trancoso's beaches offer many options.

Also highly recommended are small trips to the
neighbouring dream beaches Curuipe and Espelho,
which are among Brazils most beautiful.

Anyhow it is worthwhile renting a car for a few days to explore the area.

If you do so, you should visit the small fishing village Caraíva, located about 40km southwards and the nearby reservation of the Pataxós Indians. Caraiva is located behind a un-bridged river so you will have to leave your car behind and reach Caraiva with a small rowing boat. Caraíva itself has no roads so you will leave modern civilization behind and drift in an ancient romantic world, faraway from everyday life and stress.

Rio Caraíva

Golf Court
More Options:
  • Capoeira in the local Capoeira school wth Mestre Ricardo.
  • Gulf on the most beautifull 18-hole court of south amerika directly by the sea.
  • Wellness is a big thing in Trancoso. There is an extensive offer of Fitness, Massage, Yoga and beauty salons.
  • Boat and canoe trips along the coast and rivers
  • Riding trips along the beach or in the backlands
  • Mountainbiking and trekkingtours
  • Nightlife (see Trancoso-Site)

I will gladly give you further current Tipps about activities in Trancoso locally.

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